Dr. Ewelina Korczowska, PharmD

 Clinical Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration
in Poznan, Poland


Hospital Pharmacy Specialist

Senior Pharmacist

Vice President Internal of ESOP


Chair of MASHA Research

Dr. Korczowska received her Master of Pharmacy degree in 2001 from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. She has been working in hospital pharmacy for more than 17 years, with a special interest in oncology. In 2009 she qualified as a specialist in hospital pharmacy and in 2019 she completed her doctoral thesis at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences evaluating environmental contamination with antineoplastic drugs in Polish hospitals.

Dr. Korczowska is an active member of Polish Pharmaceutical Society, Polish Association of Oncology Pharmacists and European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP). Since 2008, she has been a member of the Masterclass Faculty at ESOP and from September 2019 she became a Vice President Internal of ESOP. She is also a member of the Education Committee supporting European Specialization in Oncology Pharmacy provided by the Academy of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (EUSOP).

Her pharmacy experience includes taking leadership roles in the safe handling of antineoplastic drugs and in the running of clinical trials in a hospital setting. She is the designated member of pharmacy staff for clinical research at the Clinical Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration in Poznan. She was also a lead investigator in the first study conducted in Poland assessing cytotoxic contamination in Polish hospitals.

Dr. Korczowska is an author of several articles and scientific abstracts and the co-author of the Polish Standards in Oncology Pharmacy (3rd edition). She has delivered more than 30 scientific presentations at local, national and international symposia and she has participated in over 40 scientific international and Polish conferences in the areas of pharmacy and oncology. At the 17th Congress of EAHP, Milano, 2012, Dr. Korczowska was nominated for a poster award (“Evaluation of surface contamination with eight antineoplastic drugs in preparation and administration areas in four Polish hospitals”). In 2016 she was awarded 3rd Prize for the abstract and poster entitled “Contamination with cytotoxic drugs in the workplace – ESOP pilot study” presented during the 21st Congress of EAHP, Vienna, 2016.

Dr. Korczowska conducts continuing education programs for pharmacists in oncology throughout Poland and is a mentor to Polish and foreign students at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. She participates in pharmacy training by conducting didactic classes in the field of oncology.

Dr. Korczowska is the Chair of the ESOP project (“MASHA”) monitoring environmental contamination with cytotoxic drugs in European hospitals. The objective of this work is to make recommendations which lead to improvements in the safe handling of these drugs.